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15 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Cats


15 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

Sleepy kittenPhoto by Magnus Bråth

Cats are mysterious animals – your domesticated cat enjoys you and craves your attention, but is also driven by an instinct, fiercely independent creatures. Though they’re rarely given as much credit for being smart as dogs are, cats have many amazing abilities that prove just how great they are. Even if you think you know all about your pet friend, you are wrong! Read on for 15 things you certainly didn’t know about cats.


  1. Have you ever noticed that your cat sometimes looks at you and blinks slowly? This is a sign of feline affection and is one way your cat shows her love for you. Try doing it back, and see what happens.
  2. Just like people, cats usually use one paw more than the other. Typically, female cats are right-pawed, while male kitties are lefties.
  3. Only pet cats hold their tails upright. Wild cats usually hold their tails out behind them. Chalk this one up to kitty mysteries, as no one is quite sure why.
  4. Although it’s not possible for any of us to be 100 % certain that cats dream, their brain wave patterns when they are in a deep sleep.
  5. Humans aren’t the only species with problem of keeping a healthy weight: Our cats are getting fatter, too. Around 54 % of cats are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. That is more than 50 million corpulent cats.
  6. Most cats have 18 toes (5 on their front paws and 4 on their back ones), but some cats have a few extras and they’re known as polydactyl cats. The Guinness World Record for most toes is 28. That record belongs to a Canadian ginger tabby cat named Jake that has seven toes on every paw.
  7. Cats with a white fur are often deaf in one or both ears, especially those with blue eyes.
  8. If you take a look at your cat’s nose, you will notice it has a lot of tiny bumps and ridges. Same as human’s fingerprint, the pattern of bumps and ridges on their nose is unique to each animal.
  9. Cats have, on average, about 130,000 hair per square inch. That’s quite a bit of fur! This may explain why you can sometimes vacuum up enough extra fur to make a whole new cat.
  10. Most cat owners know how their cat communicates with them, but did you know that cats communicate between themselves by using their noses? When they feel comfortable enough with each other, they will often touch noses as a kind of greeting.
  11. Pressing cat’s head against the wall or head pressing is actually a sign of a brain condition that needs to be examined by a vet immediately.
  12. Warmer temperatures and shorter winters can lead to longer breeding seasons for cats. That’s not a good thing for cats because many of those kittens end up as strays.
  13. While almost all cats might purr for their favorite food, those bowls of milk aren’t treating their tummies well. Just like humans, cats get more and more lactose intolerant as they age.
  14. Cats can tell if their bodies can fit through doorways via their whiskers.
  15. Have you ever wondered why cats always land on their feet? Well, they actually don’t violate the laws of physics, instead cats place themselves in an umbrella position much like a skydiver to slow down the fall.



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