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12 New Species Discovered In 2016


12 New Species Discovered In 2016

New species of animals, insects and plants are discovered year by year. Being ready for new challenges people do research for many reasons and many of them really enjoy exploration. New technologies even encourage researchers and their intent of new discoveries grows day by day. With each new discovery we realize that the earth has so much to offer and it needs many devoted discoverers for further investigations. Sometimes two species live near to one another and look totally alike and are considered to be one genus. But when you analyze their DNA you see many differences in their genes and classify them as separate species.

According to scientists there are more than 10 million species worldwide, but not all of them are identified. Only 2 million species have been named since today. The International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) has listed new species of the latest discoveries. Here the new species made in 2016 are sorted out.

1. Giant Tortoise (Chelonoidis donfaustol) 


Photograph by Washington Tapia

This new species of giant tortoise was discovered on the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Oceans. Researchers made a special analysis to make sure that these slow-moving reptiles were separate species on Santa Cruz Islands. The group of these tortoises is very small and isolated. They never attracted much attention from biologists before. This new species has been named “Chelonoidis donfaustol” after Galapagos forest ranger. These Giant tortoises live more than 100 years and weigh up to 250kg. Their shell has a more compressed shape compared to the other types. But this new species is vulnerable with an average population of 250.


These Giant creatures are among the most devastated of all Galapagos species because of human exploitation. Scientists hope that due to this discovery they will be more protected.

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