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12 New Animal Species Discovered

12 New Animal Species Discovered

Even though we often think that our planet is already explored, but there is many more to be discovered. Very often some new unexplored creatures show up. These are the newest animal species that almost nobody knew they existed!

1. Masked Frog ( Noblella Madreselva )

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Discovered in Peru, this tiny frog can fit on the tip of a human finger. It has been found in 2350 metres high in the Andes. They’re active during the day, and live in leaf litter on the forest floor. Those ( Brachycephalus ) frogs, came in colors ranging from greenish-brown to bright orange and blue. By having a broad, white mark on black background on chest and belly, irregularly shaped, this frog species is much different from all other Nobellia species. Noblella madreselva is a really tiny frog, approximately 15-18 mm in length.


This frog species is very vulnerable to the effects of deforestation and habitat loss, because of its limited geographical range. But because almost all amphibian species are endangered today, so it is not uncommon that his frogs population also is devastated.

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