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11 Ways How to Communicate With Your Dog


11 Ways How to Communicate With Your Dog

If you keep a dog at your house or just like to play with them whenever you see them in the street, you should know some signals that will help you to communicate with them better. They have feelings like humans and here some important strategies are listed out to make the bond between you and your dog closer.

1. Observe Your Dog

Sitting in the grassPhoto by olaszmelo

You should first of all understand its habits and movements which are very unique. Through this observation you will understand many things as by canine communication you will understand what he wants and respond to his problems. If you don’t notice what makes him unhappy he will show stressed and aggressive behavior. You should also teach him so he can understand the meanings of “no”, “sit”. In this way he can learn that you are his boss but you shouldn’t just say “sit” many times a day as it will be nonsense.


You should say “sit” and then award him with his favorite food and your dog will do it eagerly over and over and become happier. While observing your dog do not forget to take account its species, as well, because there are some types that won’t accept your “classes” so eagerly and easily.

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