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11 Cutest Cross-Breed Dogs You’ve Never Heard Of


11 Cutest Cross-Breed Dogs You’ve Never Heard Of

Each breed of dog has its own uniqueness and you can’t compare them by saying which breed is the best. But when the breeds are mixed together you become even more confused about their beautiful and attractive looks. See the crossbreeds listed here and see how original they are.

1. The Golden Doodle

DSC 2441- EwPhoto by johnwatsonphotography

If you are looking for a perfect dog, that can suit your large yard then the Golden Doodle can be the best one for you. It is a combination of the poodle and golden retriever. They are great family dogs and they are recommended to those who don’t want to deal with dog hair at home. To keep the dog’s coat in a perfect shape you should sometime strip them. They are also easy to train as the Golden Doodles obey their owners’ commands. You don’t have to repeat the same trainings as they understand your tricks instantly.


Whenever something seems strange to them, they start to bark to let their owners know about it. Even if you haven’t kept any dog before, the Golden Doodle will be a great choice for starters.

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