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11 Best Ways To Communicate With Your Cat


11 Best Ways To Communicate With Your Cat

This article covers several methods of understanding, and communicating with your cat. The methods discussed here can help you to get closer to your fury cat and become his lovely friend.

1.Pay attention to his vocalizations

Photo by PactoVisual

Cats are capable of understanding us through queue words and our tone, somewhat like dogs, though unlike dogs it’s likely they will ignore you. Still, it’s a good idea to keep a fair amount of vocalized communication between you and your cat for those special bonding moments or, on the other hand, if your cat decides to stretch its claws on your new couch. To communicate verbally with your cat, we want to have ‘trigger words’ the cat can associate with certain behaviors. For example, have a trigger word when your cat is friendly or affectionate.


These words are meant to communicate how you feel towards your cat’s actions or behavior. Use repetition and gestures for reinforcement, only in the moment though, otherwise it’s confusing.

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