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11 Amazing Diy Dog Treats (Recipes)


11 Amazing Diy Dog Treats (Recipes)

Dogs are referred as one of the best friends of humans. They will do everything for us, and it is our responsibility to give them every single drop of love from the depth of our heart. Feeding them is one of the best ways to show our love towards them but giving them waste food is not a good choice. They also deserve a healthy and tasty food. Here, we are providing 11 recipes of tasty and healthy food for dogs.

1. Leftover trail mix

Trail Mix The Elvis peanuts banana chips beef jerky peanut butter chips snack treatPhoto by

Let us combine some leftovers to make tasty and healthy dishes for dogs. It is easy and quick.

It includes:

  • Pieces of meat, if seasoned then make sure to rinse off any flavoring
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables; (except Onions)
  • Fruits; (except grapes or raisins)

How to make:

Cut all ingredients into half inch thick pieces and spray them lightly with the cooking spray. Now, place them in a food dehydrator, if you do not have any food dehydrator then put them into a 200 degree preheated oven, until they dried.


A healthy, tasty and easy dish for dog is ready within few minutes. Now, present this to your dog and express your boundless love to them.

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