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10 Ways How To Protect Dogs’ Paws


10 Ways How To Protect Dogs’ Paws

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Dogs are the most loyal and best pets in the world. We really need to be gentle and soft towards them. They are the best friends a human being could have through his life. But sometimes we tend to forget that they are just like us and they need an attentive care. One of the most important things you should take into account is about taking care of their paws. Their paws get tired and react to sudden changes of the climate. Below you can find some simple yet very important ways to protect our dogs’ paws.


  • It is recommended to use ayurvedic cream on their paws before they goto sleep. The use of this cream on the paws during winter will keep them moist and will soothe them as well.
  • After walking with your dog you should wash your dog’s paws in lukewarm water. It is important especially on winter days. Warm water helps them to keep their feet healthy and free from any dirt or chemicals. All these things are compiled together between their toes, so warm water dissolves them easily.
  • Cut your dog’s nails very often. If your dog has long nails more and more snow and ice will gather between his toes. This will take away his comfort and he won’t enjoy his walks.
  • Try to always walk with him on grass. Walking in a park on green grass will cause no burning on their paws. Besides this will help the paws remain very fresh.
  • You should never go out with your dog on hot days. It’s because the sun will burn their skin and the pavement will be hotter. The weather should be cooler in order to take him for walks. Due to this many other injuries can be avoided as well.
  • Always give a gentle massage on their paws. Due to the massage your dog will relax very much and get happier than you think.
  • To protect their paws you should also wash them after each walk. All bacteria and germs will vanish and they won’t affect on your fury friend’s health.
  • Also take into account that trimming the fur between the toes is very essential. Any kind of salt, slushy snow and dirt will be vanished making him healthier through time.
  • There are special shoes for dog. It may seem odd for many people, but dog boots provide a great protection and also warm them up on cold days. Like humans dog also feel the same feelings and react to hot and cold days in the same way. So, it’s very important to take care of them both in winter and in summer. Always be careful to them and like you take care of your personal hygiene, take care of their paws as well!
  • You may also lubricate the dog’s paws before each walk. Because of cold weather your dog’s pads dry out. Feel free to use vaseline as well. This will prevent him from getting dry.



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