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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rabbits


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rabbits

17Photo by Dekaritae

Rabbits are lovely animals that have fluffy and cute character. They move like a small white cloud but have long ears. We are all aware that rabbits are cute. Growing up, we all wanted to own a rabbit or two and bunny ears were cute accessories on our bands. Even though we all love rabbits and find them funny to play with, a lot of people know close to nothing about rabbits. Keep reading to find out more about rabbits.


  • Their nails and teeth never stop growing. How cool is that? Like humans, their nails never stop growing, but unlike humans, their teeth never stop growing! Sounds scary enough but it’s not a problem if you take care of them. You have to constantly trim your rabbit’s nails (at least every six weeks) as they do not stop growing. You also have to keep a careful watch on your rabbits’ teeth. When grinding becomes abnormal, it means that the rabbit is finding chewing painful and they don’t eat if they find it unpleasant to chew.You have to get them something to chew on always; preferably, a wooden toy or Timothy hay. Monitor your rabbit’s feeding strictly as going without food even for just 12 hours can be dangerous.
  • There exist a lot of rabbit representative species. There are plenty of rabbit species such as Deilenaar, Mini Satin Rabbit, Rex Rabbit, Oryctolagus with all brown hair and Satin with white hair but short ears.
  • A rabbit have only 3 years’ lifespan and it makes it shorter if it is not in the wild. This fact is really a sad one as it makes you love them more and more. When we are asked about pets, we think about cats and dogs. Rabbits are pets too, but they do not behave like cats or dogs. They have a personality that is akin to them. You have to understand them and their unique nature before you bring them home to live with you & your other pets.
  • The rabbit has a lot of time for sleep. Adult rabbits do sleep nearly 9 hours but younger ones sleep each day. So, we can hardly see them active as a cat but when they are, they wake up for some meals and go back to sleep again after that.
  • The mass of adult rabbits in the wild are from 0.88 to 4.4lbs and the length can grow up to 20 inches.
  • Male rabbit is called buck, the female is called doe and a young rabbit is called kitten.
  • Rabbits love to live in groups. They find it nearly impossible to live alone. They are lovely creature and they like to spend time together with other rabbits.
  • House rabbit is called for the pet rabbit and they stay at home. Mostly they have long ears and white fluffy hairs.
  • Do you know that the rabbit is born eyes closed and without having fur on it? This may cause shock to everybody, but that’s the true reality.

BunnyPhoto by The Webhamster

  • The rabbit has a nearly 360-degree vision, which allows them to detect dangers from all the directions.



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