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10 Reasons Why Chow –Chows Make Great Pets


10 Reasons Why Chow –Chows Make Great Pets

Bokeh the ChowPhoto by Luigi Borromeo

The chow-chow is a large, but very beautiful dog breed with its blue-black tongue and a lion-like appearance. Go over these 10 reasons and find out why chow-chows are such beloved pets for everybody.


1. Chow-chows are very quiet

Despite their huge size, chow-chows are very quiet and well-behaved. They are not barkers and one of the easiest breeds to housebreak. Because of their lazy character they can sit and you can’t help hugging their soft fur.

2. They are easy to train

If you have decided to adopt a chow-chow, then you will have no difficulty to train him. You should just start trainings from his childhood, so he won’t refuse your authority. Chow-chows have strong will, so you shouldn’t allow them to become your master.


3. Puppies adapt to a multi-animal household

If you have other pets at home you can also adopt a chow-chow, as most puppies live in harmony with other cats, dogs and birds. Chow-chows feel wonderful in multi-animal houses and even if you have little children, they won’t injure them, but of course, you should supervise them until you are sure that they get along together very well.

4. Chow-chows don’t ignore your commands

Your Chow will walk quietly by your side, sit and stay if you command him, and come when called. If you start training earlier your Chow will adapt to such commands and this can be the minimum that you can expect. After some classes you will see an obedient Chow whom you can assist easily.

5. Chows follow their hygiene

Chows are very clean dogs and are very unique in their cleanliness. Due to this fact, they will never do their toilette in cement or tiles. They will always make you understand that they want to go out to do their toilette. You also should take your chow outside 2-3 times a day, so that he won’t break the rule.

6. Chows are real joy

Chow-chows can give you many happy moments, if you treat and train them well. A Chow is a joy to live with. He’s a happier dog as he knows what’s expected of him and how to please you. He will always make you happy and be beside you

7. They wait for you

Chows are very loyal animals and whenever you come back home they get overjoyed. You will see how your Chow has been waiting for you all day long and whenever you open the door to come, he will come and start licking you and behave very actively. This will mean that he really misses you and is eager to meet you again and again.

8. Chows are very social

Sometimes it is said that Chow-chows are aggressive towards people, but this is not acceptable. When you start to socialize them earlier, it will be very essential to help them develop the confidence and they will also know how to behave with other people. Of course, this is possible only when you understand how to treat them with respect.

9. They are very clever

Chow-chows are smart enough to figure out how to get out of doing what you want and they are also clever enough to pretend they didn’t hear you at all. Very often they do whatever they want as they like to do everything on their own.

10. Chow-chows are very soft and beautiful

CleopatraPhoto by rabendeviaregia

Chow-chows are really wonderful pets with their soft furry coats. You always become happy when you see their warm and hopeful eyes. Everybody that sees a chow-chow cannot pass indifferently as they are so lovely. Chows are loyal and loving with the people they love and trust and they never forget their friends!

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