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10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Stray Dog


10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Stray Dog

PuppyPhoto by Lisa L Wiedmeier

One of the best feelings in the world is helping a poor animal that just wants to love and be loved. Dogs have the true ability to become your best friend and form the best companionship a man can ever have. Adopting a stray dog is a great job and there are many reasons to prefer stray dogs that to buy them from shops.


1. They are smarter than other dogs

Stray dogs are smarter as they have gone through many bad days. They know what it means to live without food and any help. They have faced ignorance and have been in a hopeless situation. Such hard life impacts on them and those who survive in the streets become one of the smartest dogs ever.

2. Stray dogs are more socialized

Stray dogs are very well socialized with humans than the other dogs. Never think that they can be aggressive. They have been treated badly and they can bark at first, when you approach them, but this doesn’t mean that they can harm you.


3. You stand against cruelty

When you adopt a homeless dog you also stand against many illegel breeders. You can really help them and this cruelty will be vanished step by step. Try to put a stop and stand by these helpless animals

4. You are saving a life

There is no other better feeling than to feel that you save a life. Adopt a stray dog that needs a shelter and provide a little place to a homeless animal. It will undoubtedly love you like nobody ever could.

5. Stray dogs are stronger

Having a hard life from the first day strays have also been living in the worst weather conditions. They become stronger through years as they survive through cold winters outdoors. Stray dogs are much more immune to different diseases.

6.You may feel yourself better

When you think that stray dogs are lonely on the streets you cannot sleep peacefully and you heart will never accept that awful fact. They are seeking for a shelter and you are the one to help these homeless and hungry strays. Their future just depends on you and by saving their life you satisfy your soul.

7. You become a great example

By adopting a stray dog you set an example for humans. Not only dog lovers will appreciate you but also many people can change their attitude to strays. They won’t ignore them in the streets or treat them in an abusive way day by day. You can erase this stereotype of a dog being ‘stray’.

8. Adopting saves your money

When you decide to adopt a stray dog it will save your money. Even if you have decided to adopt a dog from a rescue group it will cost lower and you won’t have to pay much for having a pet.

9. You can train them the way you want

When you adopt a stray dog you will see that they haven’t had any kind of trainings before. You will become his trainer and teach how ‘to sit’ and ‘to stay’. You can take him for a walk, make a special routine and he will accept you as his beloved boss.

10. You will get an unconditional love

In general all pets love their owners but especially stray dogs have that great power to give you more love in return.

PuppiesPhoto by emarquetti

A stray dog will appreciate how you saved his life, gave comfort and warmth. After the difficult days that were so challenging a stray dog will always be ready for an unconditional relationship.


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1 Comment

  1. Dog Names

    January 31, 2017 at 6:43 am

    One more reason: They need you!

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