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10 Interesting Things You Should Know about the World’s Smallest Dog, Yorkshire Terrier


10 Interesting Things You Should Know about the World’s Smallest Dog, Yorkshire Terrier

DSCF0103Photo by naql

Yorkshire Terrier dog breed is one of the most popular breeds among people. Here 10 surprising facts are listed out that will be very interesting for you to know about this smallest dog in the world. So, let’s get started.


1. Yorkies have hair, not fur

Yorkies have long silky hair. In this way they are very similar to humans. Every time during baths they lose their hair naturally as humans do in general. They have only one layer of fine hair. This is a very beautiful feature and people admire this silky beauty but it is also very difficult to care for their long hair. This process takes a long time as you need to brush their hair every day otherwise it will tangle into knots.

2. Big cities cannot threaten them

This small dog can live in many large urban environments. Many people go for a walk with this tiny creature in mega cities like New York. Yorkies feel very comfortable in the hustle and bustle of such big cities and enjoy their life with their owners. A Yorkie is a small species but has a “large city” state of mind!


3. Yorkies bark a lot

Yorkies are very vocal and tend to bark a lot. In spite of their small size they are excellent guard dogs. They are very suspicious of strangers and whenever they see a strange man or hear a strange noise they start braking very loudly. It is one of the features of their character.

4. Yorkies can’t stand loneliness

Yorkies are very loving dogs and don’t bear separation. They don’t like to be alone at home for a long time. They like to be beside their owners and cuddle with them. If you work all day long, ask your neighbor to visit this tiny animal so they can feel happy till you come back.

5. They are fragile

If any larger dog knocks your Yorkie over, it will be seriously injured. You can even sit on your Yorkie by mistake and kill him accidentally. They are very cute creatures and fragile breeds, at the same time. You should be very careful and take care of him very seriously as it needs much attention because of his fragile bones.

6. Yorkies shouldn’t be left alone outside

If you want to go for a walk with your amazing Yorkie, then you should keep your eye on him. The large birds can easily take your small dog when you are busy with other things. You should accompany him every moment and try to keep him always by your side. In this way your little dog will be undoubtedly safe.

7. They are difficult to housetrain

When you start to keep Yorkie as a pet you should start to train him as soon as possible. Keep in mind that they are very difficult to housetrain and you should do your best to achieve. Try to create a special routine for him and train him every single day. When your little dog achieves something, do not forget to praise him, as well.

8. They enjoy swimming

Like many other dogs Yorkies also enjoy swimming. They like to feel the fresh water and feel very comfortable in pools. But whenever you take your little dog to swim, always be close to him as the water can be deep for your tiny pet. Keep an eye on him and supervise every time possible.

9.Yorkies are very strong

Despite their small size, these tiny creatures show their courage when they are threatened. They can fight with larger dogs and knock them down. You might think they would be terrified, but on the contrary, they feel strong enough and are ready to protect themselves despite their tiny size.

10. They are therapy dogs

Choco F46Photo by choco@Nerima

Yorkies are excellent therapy dogs. They are wonderful creatures to take on visits to nursing homes and hospitals. This is because they are very cute due to their small and lovable size!

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