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10 Interesting Facts About Raccoons


10 Interesting Facts About Raccoons

RacoonPhoto by Shot in a Frame

Raccoons are interesting creatures. Just look through these 10 facts and know more about them:


  • Raccoon also known as coon or as the Procyon lotor in its scientific name is a medium sized bear liked mammal which can grow 12 inches tall and 24 up to 38 inches long and about 3.5 to 9 kilograms in weight. Their tail is almost half of its total length.
  • These creatures can be usually identified with their black or more known as the bandit mask along with 5-7 black rings in its tail. They have gray fur, pointy snout along with a black nose, five long toes and fingers almost resembling the human hands.
  • They are intelligent animals which can be curious, adaptable and can often become nuisance at times when they invade areas and look for food. They are also domesticated but they can be dangerous and aggressive to humans. It is quite difficult to teach them unlike dogs and cats. Some signs of raccoon damage includes tipped trash cans, damaged crops, torn shingles and raccoon’s tracks.
  • Raccoons love to eat sweet foods like mallows but aside from that they are omnivores which means they eat both meat and plants. Before a raccoon eats its food, it washes it first with water and if no water is available nearby it will remove the debris by rubbing it.
  • These 12 inch creatures traditionally live in heavily wooded areas and stay in the hollow parts of trees and burrows as long as the area has vast access to water and vegetation which makes them good swimmer and hunters.
  • Raccoons, just like owls are nocturnal or are mostly active during the night especially during spring, summer and fall.
  • Female Raccoons give birth at 63 age of gestation to 1-7 baby raccoons, or baby kits as what young raccoons are called, during April or May because their reproduction begins in late winter. The eyes of baby raccoons only open at 20 days of age. The young ones usually do not have black rings around their tails or mask around their eyes. During these times, the mother raccoon is very much protective of her babies that it lets no one to get near them even the father.
  • They become independent after 12-14 months of age and lives in loose knit groups for their own protection when they grow. They live for 2-3 years when they in the wild but when they are tamed they can survive up to 20 years.
  • Raccoons are nimble creatures and they even rank higher than cats. They can memorize lock combinations and are quick learners. With their human like hands, it allows them to open doors, cages, unlace shoe laces, retrieve coins and makes them great climbers in such a very quick speed. They can rotate their feet 180 degrees when they climb trees with their head first.

Video by WhimsicalUpload

  • Raccoons know a wide variety of sound and when they communicate to another they make use of 200 different types of sounds and 12 up to 15 different calls.


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