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10 Funny Things Only Pug Owners Know!


10 Funny Things Only Pug Owners Know!

Pug EautifulPhoto by Michael Loke

All dogs are cute and fun-loving, but you can never find such friendly and sociable dogs than pugs. They are amazing, they are cute and they are the best ever companions. These funny and most adorable dogs have an incredible character.


They have just one target in their lives – to love you and make you happier as much as possible. You’ll never have a chance to get bored if you own a pug.

And even if you don’t own you will want them whenever you learn their awesome nature. All pug owners never regret adopting them as the pug breed is really a great choice. Being the most adorable und funny creatures these real life partners will never let you down. Here the most fascinating ten things are sorted out that you will be able to understand only if you are a pug owner. Now, let’s start!

1.Pugs Are Pretty Lazy

When you think about laziness it seems awkward at first sight. But when you think about pugs and laziness together, their combination makes an amazing feature. Pugs can be considered to be the laziest animals in the world. He acts like he is an old man that has no wish to do anything.


2. Pugs Like Napping

What do pugs love to do all day long? They adore napping. If you own a pug, then his snoring will be very familiar to you. Especially newborns like sleeping and they can sleep all day long. When a pug becomes old he will stay awake more.

3. Pugs Love To Be Loved

All pugs need their owners care and attention. Even if you are in a hurry, you will give in to their cuteness and will start to cuddle with him. Sure, how can you look at such an amazing guy and not want to hug him? You will really never get a better kiss than a kiss from your pug.

4. They Adore Food

If other dogs can be happy with the leftovers, pugs will only be happy when you share your dinner with them. They adore human food. But giving more food should be limited as they can easily gain fat. Keep your pug’s appetite satisfied and keep him healthy, at the same time.

5. Pugs Are Very Intelligent

You can’t imagine how smart these little fellows are. They can recognize a very long list of words. Of course, they cannot speak but they are able to associate the sound with an action. When somebody is spelling a word a pug has already learnt, he can understand it easily.

6. They Will Follow Their Owners Everywhere

Pugs have big personalities. They like to follow their owners wherever they go. They don’t want to miss out anything. Pugs love to be on the focus of attention and never miss a chance to remind you that you are not alone.

7. They Push Their Heads Between Your Legs

Pugs like to stick their heads to people’s legs. This is so funny but a pug adores pushing his head no matter you’re standing up or sitting down. It’s super cute and you can’t help laughing when seeing this.

8. Your Bed is No Longer Yours

When you own a pug you have to share your bad with this little creature. You pug wants to share your life, so this is also very normal for him. Of course, this is your choice and you are the one to decide where he should sleep. But pugs feel so comfortable in your bed that you want always to look at them and admire.

9. Pugs Need Daily Walks

Though pugs like napping, they also need daily walks. If you don’t want to have a fatty pug, then try to burn off his energy by some outdoor exercises. Pugs are not built for sport but they really need regular exercises to be healthy.

10. Pugs Will Always Make You Smile

Video: FunnyAnimalSpace

Pugs are very loving and they will always make you smile. They really have a sense of humor. Pugs are clowns in the dog family. They are so playful and do everything to show their devotion and happy nature.




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