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10 Facts about Abandoned Animals That Will Make You Sad


10 Facts about Abandoned Animals That Will Make You Sad


Despite the fact that animals cannot speak, they have feelings and love to be loved like humans do. But we always come across animals that are abandoned and are wandering in the streets having no food or shelter.


There are animals that we love most of all and keep them at our house or in a shelter, but those that don’t receive much attention remain hopeless and lonely. Ten facts are shortlisted over here that let you know about abandoned animals.

  1. The number of homeless animals is growing day by day. It’s not evident how many stray animals live now but according to the Human Society of the United States there are more than 70 million stray creatures living in the US
  2. Out of 70 million stray animals only six to eight million animals enter shelters every year. The thing is the shelters are full and there is no place to adopt all of them.
  3. Every year about 3 million animals are killed because of the few shelters. People also don’t adopt them so much but each day all over the world millions of animals wait for their owners or someone to come for them and take them. Al they want is just to be loved.
  4. Only 10% of the stray animals in the shelters are spayed or neutered. All of them suffer as they are the tragic results of overbreeding. Their overpopulation brings more and more killed animals annually.
  5. Less than 25% of animals are returned to their owners, according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy. People become part of the problem and not the solution. That is why half of them are killed as the vast numbers of them come into the shelters every day and rooms are not enough for all of them.
  6. Out of six to eight million animals that enter shelters every year, one in four animals are pit bulls and many other pit- associated breeds. Unfortunately pit bulls are the most marginalized dogs worldwide and that is why their number is growing every year.
  7. Many people breed animals for the sake of money and profit. There are plenty of animals that wait for their owners and are homeless and we are the ones to change this statistics which is possible only when we support the shelters instead of buying a pet from a pet store.
  8. Out of ten shelter dogs five dogs are being euthanized every day. Their amount becomes 5.500 each year. It is mostly because of limited space and lack of funding and adopters.
  9. The reasons of why animals end up in the shelters are various. They can be surrendered by their guardians and picket up off the streets by animal control officers.
  10. Annually taxpayers of the United States shell out between one to two billion dollars to pay for all the needs of homeless animals that include sheltering, euthanasia, impoundment, etc.

We have to take actions to change this tragic reality supporting our local shelters. Remember that the rescue groups have wonderful pets that can be the best companions for you.

Photo by catanomemo

They are waiting to be adopted, give love to you, cuddle with you and just receive a little attention from you.



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