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10 Dog Facts You Didn’t Know


10 Dog Facts You Didn’t Know

Kitsune in thought - Akita inuPhoto by Jeremy G. Photography

Are you a dog lover? Do you think they are the cutest animals in the world? Of course, you may be a great dog lover, but there are millions of facts you don’t know about them. Here you can find many facts that you may never heard before. Sure, you will know a lot of things about your furry companion but the amazing facts are something you should know as a dog owner. Go on and find incredible facts about them.


1. There is no dog breed which is aggressive by nature. Many people think that dogs are aggressive by nature that’s not true. as per study Dante University no dog wishes to be aggressive by nature it’s all in the interaction with the owners. The most common sign of aggressiveness of dogs is because of the 1st owner’s lack of training, physical abuse and not spending enough time with dogs. Many 1st owners don’t treat their dogs good due to which dogs are aggressive to visitors and their 2nd Most of the dogs were killed because of physical abusing.

2. Dogs are able to identify other dogs in the presence of other species.2013 study showed that dog’s perception goes far beyond simply dog and human, the study shows dog facing on two different screen on one screen human or other animal’s face and on another screen dog’s face, test subject dog successfully identified its species.

3. The dog’s intelligence is equal to 2 year old human being whenever dogs need cat food it chases its own tail, or drops shit on carpet. World most intelligent dog has recognized more than 250 words. Overall this intelligence is all most equal to 2yr old humans.

4. Dogs can distinguish emotional expression of human. Those who claim that their dog known’s when they are upset may not just be annoying or maybe they correct.2016 studies revealed that dogs can distinguish emotional expression of human.


5. Some dogs can literally smell cancer. We know that dog have insane sense of smell; some dogs can smell diseases .especially trained stray dogs are used to smell disease from human urine. Test dogs can identify cancer and other disease 88.2%.

6. Dogs and humans are living to gather about 15000years.dogs are best friend since 15000years ago. Dogs are side by side to humans for 15000years.

7. Dogs use to drink water milk and some other drinks using their back of tongues into mini cup.

8. Paul MC CARTNEY added a high pitched whistle, audible to dogs within the Beatles song ‘’a day in the life’’ it was record for his Old English sheepdog.

9. Two stray dogs saved 50000 U.S soldiers in Afghanistan. One of the Facebook groups spent 21000$ to bring those dogs back to their team. Sure, dogs have a wonderful ability to change people’s life and help them in the most difficult situations. That is why many soldiers bond with their dogs when serving overseas.

8th of AprilPhoto by smerikal

10. If hair of poodles grows it will form dreadlocks. And one more thing you wouldn’t know is that Max, Buddy and Bailey are the most popular male dog names.


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