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10 Most Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make


10 Most Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

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The world of animals is huge. We admire their cute appearance and want to spend money to get one of them.In general, all pets are cute but we should understand whether they are the right ones to fit our family. Sure, we fall in love them but we should also take into account before bringing them home.


Especially inexperienced pet owners should be very attentive to avoid new dog owner mistakes. Here 10 common mistakes are sorted out that you can take into consideration.

  • Learn About The Breed

First of all you should learn some information about the breed you want to adopt. Don’t lose your mind with its cuteness as that very animal you want should also be an appropriate one for your family. May be you live in a small house but it is not comfortable for that specific dog. The thorough information about the breed of a dog will also help you to prevent him from many infections.

  • Set Rules

When you adopt a dog you should set some rules not to confuse your dog.  When you set a dog “free” he can do anything and you’ll soon get angry, So, in order to avoid such situation try to teach him in every way possible. Decide what your dog will and will not allowed to do and don’t punish him as he will learn everything step by step. Choose his sleeping place, time of walking, feeding and exercising, as well.

  • Don’t Accept Your Dog As A Person

In order to have a well behaved dog you should train him, but never turn your dog into a person. They are not human and you shouldn’t encourage them in every way possible. They should feel that they are loved but they should also know their place and behavior at home.


  • Read Pet Food Labels

One of the important factors you should consider is your dog’s nutrition. Pet food will have a great effect on your dog and his behavior. Use meat very often as it contains protein which is very useful to your pet development.

  • Don’t Let Them Sleep With You

It’s very good when you cuddle with your dog and show your love, but do not let him sleep with you. Set boundaries as they also like rules and become happier to know where they perfectly fit in.

  • Wash Your Dog Constantly

Washing a dog is vitally important for your dog’s health.  In order to get rid of dust and different viruses you need to wash him at least once a week. Besides it will be very pleasant to hug a clean dog than a dirty one.

  • Socialize Your Dog With Other People

In order not to have a biting dog you need to socialize him with many people. You can play with him and your friends together and in this way they will cuddle not only with you. In this way they won’t be shy or fearful either.

  • Be Attentive To His Health

You should understand when your pet gets a serious illness. Always keep in touch with your animal doctor to get the needed cure. This will save your dog’s life and you will avoid more difficult health problems in future.

  • Have A Physically Fit Dog

Your dog needs to get enough exercise. For example, if you have a Siberian Husky you need to understand that it needs to long walks every day. Otherwise your dog’s energy will change into a destructive behavior.

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  • Be Patient

At last you need to be a little patient. You will get used to your dog’s habits step by step. Each dog is unique and all of them need love and care. Try to be attentive to them and control them, at the same time.




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