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10 Most Common Dog Illnesses


10 Most Common Dog Illnesses

2. Skin Tags

kiyomi shiba, at the vetPhoto by _tar0_

Both people and animals can suffer from a skin tag. But in case of dogs this is not such a serious case. Anyway, you should never ignore it, instead cure him completely. Some of the main reasons that lead to skin tags are improper skin care, genetics, the environment, unhealthy food or parasites. But doctors haven’t yet come to a final decision of how this illness emerges, but the above mentioned ones are considered to be the actual causes. Remember that this illness can change your dog’s color and size. In general, such tags look like liquid and are not painful at all, so your dog won’t suffer from pain.


Try not to worry so much as you can experiment many home remedies. But whenever you see your dog suffers from a painful tag, take him to the doctor immediately.

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