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10 Most Common Dog Illnesses


10 Most Common Dog Illnesses

When we adopt a dog we enjoy our time spent with him. Besides enjoying we shouldn’t also forget about their health. Dogs can also be sick and suffer from various illnesses. Go over these common dog illnesses and gain knowledge about how to treat your furry pet.

1. Ear infection

Sick dog largePhoto by ePublicist

This illness happens a lot. The most common causes of this type of illness are ear mites, bacteria, allergies, ear canal hair growth, catching a cold. The following symptoms occur: head shaking, redness of the ear canal, crying from ear touch, continuous ear scratching. Such symptoms shouldn’t be ignored as they are one of the common signs of ear infections. In this case you can use a cotton ball and a cleansing, but non-alcoholic conditioner and clean his ear.


In order not to let the infection develop you should go to your dog’s vet, so that he could carefully and more accurately treat him. In this way your dog will also avoid serious health issues that an ear infection can lead.

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