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10 Most Common Cat Diseases


10 Most Common Cat Diseases

Vet VisitPhoto by captainpancakes

We love our cats and do everything for their well-being. But when they don’t feel bad we should know about their common diseases to be able to help them. Here you can find the most common cat diseases.

1. Urinary tract disease

FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) is a common condition that your cat may face. The bladder and the urethra of your pet are affected by it. The symptoms can be seen when a cat stops using the litter box, shows simple irritation while urination or strains without urine. You can easily see this infection if you find out excessive licking of the genital area or blood in the urine. You should visit the vet immediately. Remember that this is not a disease to ignore.


If your cat is left unattended in such a condition, then it will be fatal. So be very attentive and never hesitate to let the vet know about it and provide the needed medicines to improve your fury friend’s condition.

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