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10 Brave Animals Who Saved Their Owners


10 Brave Animals Who Saved Their Owners

2. Honey The English Cocker Spaniel

Astro StoopPhoto by Jennie Robinson Faber

Honey was awarded as the dog of the 2006 year. She saved her owner’s life from a car accident. When Michael Bosch was trapped, he tried everything to release the dog at first. Honey was his only hope and he thought she could find a help from anywhere. Honey did it somehow. 

She ran and caught the attention of a man when she was a half-way away from her owner. Honey brought that to the place of the car accident. This English Cocker Spaniel could do everything for his owner.


And now doctors concluded that Bosch would have died if the dog were unable to bring a man to the scene of car accident. Thanks to Honey, Michael Bosch is now alive. 

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