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10 Brave Animals Who Saved Their Owners


10 Brave Animals Who Saved Their Owners

Animals are our best companions and entrusted friends. Sometimes we don’t even imagine our life without them. They are always ready to hug us in their arms and love us in a very extraordinary way. Have you ever heard that they saved their owner’s life? Sure, there are millions of stories about them.  Animals are very sensitive and feel the threat before everybody could. When something goes wrong, they are the ones to stand out from the crowd and rescue their owners. Yes, animals are ready to do the impossible. Especially the brave ones are ready to fight for their loved ones. This article is devoted to the animals that saved people in real life.

1. Buddy The German Shepherd

Search and Rescue German ShepherdPhoto by State Farm

This brave dog was adopted when he was just 8 weeks old puppy. His owner, Joe Stalnaker, trained him to hit a speed-dial button of 911 using his own teeth. It was ten years ago when Stalnaker suffered a head injury during a military training exercise and he always had such seizures. It was 2008 when this Buddy called the emergency line.

He was whimpering into the phone. Emergency responders realized everything and police was sent to Stalnaker’s home. When they arrived Buddy was burking very loudly:  Stalnaker was unconscious lying on the floor.


Yes, Buddy rescued him and his owner recovered after a few days.Buddy has made two other 911 calls when Stalnaker was having seizures. This animal is really amazing and stands beside his owner as a true companion.


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