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10 Animal Superheroes We Know You’ll Love


10 Animal Superheroes We Know You’ll Love

Animal heroes come in all shapes, sizes and species. What you don’t picture are lions, gorillas and even whales throwing themselves in harm’s way to save some helpless human. These animal heroes can give you motivation, make you smile and forget all about a bad day. We should all be thankful to them.

1. Lucy, The Dog Blood Donor


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Lucy is one of many animal heroes who help save other animals lives, thanks in part to the services provided by Dove Lewis. Lucy donated blood to a dog named Rudy a few years ago, and his owners were so thankful to have received the blood for their pet that they signed their other dog up to be a blood donor. Dogs who receive the blood donations pay it forward as well. After she helped another dog, their owners decided to join the program. Lucy’s owners understand how important it is to help others.


Their home is full of people doing so much for the community, so it was natural for her to give back as well. Lucy has been coming in for two years now, and she helped a number of other dogs and their families. 

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