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10 Animal Species We May Say Goodbye To Forever


10 Animal Species We May Say Goodbye To Forever

Almost every day we see a new animal on the not so pleasant endangered animals list. And in 99% of the time the activity of us humans are usually responsibly for it; we hunt, poach, fish and also destroy their natural habitats.

Below are lists of animals that are the most endangered animal species.

1. The Cotton Top Tamarin

Cotton-top Tamarin at Singapore ZooPhoto by _paVan_

This small tree-dwelling monkey is severely imperiled by the loss of its habitat. It is native to the humid and dry forests of Columbia.

Tamarins are a member of the family of marmosets. They have modified claws instead of nails on all digits except their big toe, which is a distinction from all New World monkeys. The Cottontop tamarin was named because of its elegant white fur that showers over its head and upper body. They have a total body length of only 17 cm and tail length of 25 cm, which makes them one of the smallest primates today.


They are most active during the day and rests in the safety of the tree tops at night.

Sadly, today, the cottontop tamarins are considered critically endangered species, with just about 4000 left in the wild

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