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10 Amazing Facts about Bulldogs


10 Amazing Facts about Bulldogs

CRUFTS: BulldogPhoto by ALEX GOOI

Bulldogs are one of the most loved dog species worldwide. Many people adopt them as they are so adorable and pleasant.  But why are these dogs so amazing? Find out 10 interesting facts about this breed and see how bulldogs are so captivating.


  • Bulldogs can’t swim at all. They have short legs and large heads that don’t allow them to swim. Never allow your bulldog to swim or approach water as it’s really quite dangerous for them. Keep an on him and use a life jacket when you are around water. Be sure they will die just in a matter of seconds as you can’t rescue him either because of his weight.
  • English bulldogs have some difficulties giving birth. The birth canal of bulldog mothers makes very difficult for them to deliver bulldog babies by natural birth. Most of the bulldogs are delivered by caesarean section. Without this caesarean section mother bulldogs often die while giving birth. SO, this process should be assisted to avoid harmful situations.
  • Bulldogs can be very stubborn but you should work on that changing his behavior. Establish some regular exercises to keep him in movement and set up a routine. He will get motivated and used to these rules. Just be patient and don’t get mad at them as they don’t like being yelled at. Treat him in a loving way and he will be your best companion.
  • This species are very popular among many celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashley Olsen, Zac Efron, David Beckham are fond of bulldogs and own them as their pet. Sure, bulldogs are very popular and this dog breed is the most loveable especially in Los Angeles.
  • American bulldogs are very huge in their size but French bulldogs are the smallest. They are very popular in the U.S. In spite of their small size French bulldogs are fantastic family dogs and best companions.
  • Flights are not for bulldogs. They have respiratory issues and because of that they have suffered the most airline deaths. They often die from hip dysplasia and many other medical issues. So, try to avoid flying with your bulldog but if you do need to fly with him, be sure you have cool water and different available ways to keep him safe.
  • Bulldogs are very quiet animals but when they should protect their loved ones they turn their calmness into limitless courage and great power. They can be very good watch dogs if trained accurately. Bulldogs recognize their friendly owners and are very nice to warm strangers, but if you are an intruder, then be very careful as a bulldog can forget about his pleasant character.
  • Bulldogs can gain weight very soon and become overweight quickly. They should get enough exercise otherwise they will surely suffer from many health problems. You should take him for a walk every day, so they can spread their energy and not be aggressive. Take special care to avoid sugar and low quality foods, instead choose healthy foods like brown rice, barley and potato.
  • Compared to other dogs, bulldogs are not very smart. Of course, there can be some exceptions when a bulldog can react to people very well and understand perfectly, but in general they don’t.
  • Bulldogs are the most popular mascots for sport or university teams. This is because of their tenacity. Uga is one of the most popular mascots of the university of Georgia team.
  • And there are many examples that these dogs are the best mascots in the U.S. They are really adorable and famous worldwide.

Bulldog CrewPhoto by andrewr



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1 Comment

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    January 31, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Awesome post! Thanks for leting me know these interesting facts about dogs!

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